She bangs! Out some excuses!

tbone and I have come to the following agreement:

American Idol is ruining our lives. We were both unhappy this week. We have decided that this is because we wasted most of our evenings by watching American Idol. Then after wasting our evenings in pointless entertainment, we had to either feel guilty about not doing homework during that time or feel tired when we stayed up after AI, doing said homework.

Wouldn't you think that would make me resolve to stop watching the show, because it's interfering with my schoolwork and my happiness? No such luck. It's bonding time with friends and family! Can't give that up!

If you are also dangerously addicted to the show, here are a few links that might interest you...

Sigh... must balance time better so that I won't be miserable all semester...

srah - Saturday, 7 February 2004 - 2:04 PM
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Comments (2)

gravatar Urs - February 7, 2004 - 7:55 PM -

I was so glad to be at that folk festival because I kept thinking "this is a million miles away from american idol"

and don't use AI, my dad's personalized lisence plates read "AI HANK" and thats his little nickname - short for "Artificial Inseminator, Henry" Yeah, thats right... thats my dad

gravatar srah - February 8, 2004 - 2:04 AM -

"AI WANK" would have been cool.

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