Good riddance!

Well, I'm off to Our Nation's Capital.

Well, unless you're not an American. In which case, what are you doing reading this, you heathenly infidel?

So, I'm off to My Nation's Capital. Eight hours in a car with her and him and her housemate, followed by a week of working glee! Please offer me a summer internship, O Place of Employment!

I imagine there will be blogging and lots of it, as my time in DC will undoubtedly be frought with adventure and I will hopefully have Internet access at work.

To celebrate my absence, you may participate in this terribly-designed survey that I made for my group project while hopped up on illness and cough medicine.

Buhboi for now.

srah - Saturday, 21 February 2004 - 7:54 AM

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Comments (3)

gravatar Jez - February 21, 2004 - 8:39 AM -


Did your survey. I thought about mucking it up by claiming never to use the Play function on my DVD player, but then thought better of it.

gravatar Urs - February 22, 2004 - 10:44 AM -

You shall have cookies waiting for you in AA.... And me too..

gravatar Annica - February 22, 2004 - 2:55 PM -

Arrivaderci! Good luck and have fun!

*expects high octane blogs including Secret Service and small dogs, plus maybe a car chase*

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