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'Please don't set my lipgloss on fire!' [Day 1 of the DC trip]

Amanda, Matt, Cari and I left Ann Arbor at 9:01, just on time. I was surprised that I was the lightest packer of all. I'd been afraid that I would take up a lot of space with my suitcase and additional bags for food and things, but I had the smallest suitcase in the group.

As I was the second person in the car, I sat in the front passenger seat for the first shift. By the time we switched drivers, I had already created a nest for myself with all of my belongings, so I ended up staying in the front seat for the whole trip.

I brought along a book of Mad Libs which was wildly popular. Mad Libs tends to start out tame and get dirty, but ours went from tame to dirty to nerdy as the last and funniest were all filled with SI-related nouns (structuration theory, user interface), adjectives (user-friendly, authentic), verbs (appraising, berry-picking) and parts of the body (visual perception system, ARM). I'm sure that I will soon be sharing the best phrases with anyone nerdy enough to care.

My stately impressions from the trip: Ohio is slow but has some really nice rest areas (we stopped at one with a Panera Bread and a Starbucks). Pennsylvania is full of expensive tolls and has crappy roads and crappy rest areas. If you can avoid going to Pennsylvania, you should. Unfortunately, it is huge and inconveniently located, so it's hard to avoid. Maryland lasts longer than it should, but we didn't stop there, so I can't make any judgments about the state itself.

My shift was the last one, into DC. I don't know how that happened, but it finally came time for me to step up and do my part for the car* effort. I was terrified. I called Robin for advice, then took to the road. Everyone was required to be awake and alert for my part of the drive, as I needed all of the navigation assistance I could get. I had to drive on heavy-traffic four-lane roads, then on city streets. Once we got into DC, you would think that the street numbering system would be easy. Except that on Constitution Avenue, not all of the numbered streets go through. So we thought that it was only even streets when there was no 15th, until 12th snuck up on us. I had to make up for missing 12th by turning onto 11th but managed to miss that too. When I finally compensated for my errors, I missed Pennsylvania Avenue and ended up having to go around in circles. But we finally made it to the hotel, checked in and were able to relax.

Our hotel is just fine, if a little strange. Cari, Amanda and I are sharing a room with three double beds and two twin beds. The room next door has six beds for four people. This place is enormous and is always either too hot or too cold.

Our carload went out to dinner with Rebecca, Teri and Julie at Clyde's in Georgetown. Rebecca, Cari and I all had crab cake sandwiches in order to take advantage of fresh local seafood. They were very tasty. After dinner we went to a bar called Old Glory and played "I've never" with each other and with our waiter, Thane.

Everyone with the new Michigan driver's license had no trouble all evening but Amanda and I, with the old version, got hassled everywhere we went all evening. With the old-style Michigan license, one could get the license at 16, then renew it by mail at 21. When you renewed by mail, they sent you a sticker to put over the old expiration date saying "SEE BACK" and a sticker on the back showing the new expiration date. It never occurred to me how sketchy and suspect this looks because no one in Michigan ever questions it. At Clyde's, the waiter actually took Amanda's license with him back into the staff area to check it out further.

After one Long Island Iced Tea, I was rather tipsy (as usual), but I managed to bumble into a cab and home again. We all collapsed into bed, exhausted.

srah - Saturday, 21 February 2004 - 6:00 PM
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Comments (4)

gravatar jday - February 23, 2004 - 6:37 PM -

I *love* the daily review! Yay for srah!

gravatar katie - February 24, 2004 - 8:34 AM -

Sounds like mucho fun. I wirr take some Mad Ribs quotes, prease.

gravatar srah - February 24, 2004 - 9:00 AM -

I keep forgetting to write them down and bring them with me. Maybe after I get back to Michigan...

gravatar krista. - February 24, 2004 - 9:27 PM -

I'm sure the PA roads suck, but I highly recommend the Philadelphia/Bucks County region if you ever get a chance to visit--really beautiful and green in the country. :) Glad things are going okay. :)

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