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I am the champion, my friends

I once was lost, but now am found. My BlogRoll finally works the way I wanted it to. Now I just have to figure out what the heck is going on with my columns. Want to help?

srah - Wednesday, 4 June 2003 - 4:26 PM

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Comments (5)

gravatar Jez - June 4, 2003 - 5:35 PM -

So it wasn't a 'display' problem after all then?

gravatar katie - June 4, 2003 - 8:47 PM -

I looked at the code when you sent it to me, gave it a bit of thought. Still thinking.

I must admit... I'm still not too familiar with CSS positioning... I only using it for formatting.

gravatar srah srah bo bah banana fana fo fah - June 4, 2003 - 10:05 PM -

It was a 'display' problem - I just fiddled with a few things and took the display thing out altogether.

gravatar Sue - June 5, 2003 - 10:38 AM -

I think part of the problem is the calendar, which is wider than the column it's in is set to be (gosh, what a horrible sentence!).

gravatar srah - June 5, 2003 - 11:04 AM -

Considering I don't even like the calendar, I may remove it altogether. Thanks, Sue!

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