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"Because white people love their children"

Ernie has this idea that it's only Asians who tell their children that they were found in a garbage can.

Ha! I have been told that I was bought at the stupidmarket, that I was a blue-light special, that I was on sale because I was defective merchandise, and that I was bought from the gypsies for a chicken.

Where did you come from?

srah - Monday, 2 June 2003 - 8:57 AM

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Comments (3)

gravatar katie - June 2, 2003 - 9:56 AM -

As a child I was told that I was actually a monkey that they brought home from the zoo. When I was really, really little I actually believed them.

gravatar srah - June 2, 2003 - 10:06 AM -

Be sure to read all of Ernie's comments, too! So many creative parents who don't want to admit that their kids belong to them. Why do all parents seem to do this? Is it in the owner's manual?

gravatar Cheryl - June 2, 2003 - 12:11 PM -

My dad called me by the name of Butch the first week of my life because I was the first and he didn't know what to do with me, I guess.

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