Travels in Fauquier County

On the way back from New York, Bob, Cheryl, Robin and I went wine-tasting in Virginia. First, we went to Chrysalis Vineyards, where we had a little dribble of eight wines, including the rather delicious Viognier. I skipped and smiled and sang and danced and twirled and giggled to the car, and we drove to Piedmont Vineyards, passing an ostrich farm on the way. At Piedmont, we tried another six or so wines, and by the end it became evident that 100-pound Sarah had not eaten lunch. Luckily Robin was just as pompette joyeuse as I was, so we whispered-very-loudly to each other and everything was enormously funny.

srah - Sunday, 18 May 2003 - 10:50 PM
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