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'Young, black and restless, with money in my anus'

We're staying with Robin's aunt and uncle in Irvington, New York, home of Mme. C.J. Walker, the first Black woman millionaire, according to Robin. Aunt Sue made us a big breakfast, then we took off for New York City by train. We met up with Cheryl's old roommate, Julie, at Grand Central Station and took off for our first stop, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is cool because you can pay as much as you want to get in, and the roof has a nice view of the city. We saw a lot of nice art (including the temporary exhibit on Manet and Velázquez) and, trying to find the exit, got lost approximately one hillion jillion times. But exit we must (had to?) because the day was young and museum-going is tiring to the feet. So we took our feet down the street (that rhymes) to Central Park, where we sat for a while, eating hot dogs and taking in the scenery (people and otherwise).

After Central Park, we went to see the Brooklyn Bridge. First, though, we had to use the bathroom, and chose for this purpose the Busiest Starbucks Bathroom In The Entire World. Luckily while waiting in line and speculating about what the people in the bathroom could be doing to take up so much time (snorting crack, having sex, being dead), we did get to spot a bit of filming going on outside the window. Unfortunately, they seemed to be filming in the other direction, so I will not be a star again. After we relieved ourselves, we got in touch with Robin's cousin Tom, who came into the city to meet up with us. The six of us ventured onto the bridge, but did not make it too far, as everyone had managed to pair up in such a way as to stick the two gephyrophobes together. Robin and I walked on the strongest beams and tried not to look down, and very much enjoyed looking at the bridge from afar.

After the bridge was safely out of sight, we went to Battery Park, to look at the Statue of Liberty. That was the original idea, but there were plenty of other things to look at, what with all the FREAKY BEEPING STREET PERFORMERS (sorry... you may know my great love for human statuary). In addition to these horrid things, there were many entertaining things to see, like bagpipers, people dressed as Italian peasants dancing around, and Denis Leary. We sat around for a good hour and a half, just people-watching and people-mocking. A good time was had by all.

After we realized we had been sitting in the park for hours and missing out on more sight-seeing, we hopped off to Chinatown to pick up a quick case of SARS, wandered into Little Italy, then went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant near Julie's apartment in Harlem. The bathroom was full of mirrors, which scared and confused everyone who entered and tempted the others to go just to see. Luckily only Bob actually ran into the wall. The food was so-so, but the atmosphere and company were good. After dinner, we visited Julie's apartment, drank margaritas, and I played a tipsy game of Euchre and lost very quickly. We made our way through the streets of Harlem with two guys threatening to get in a fight on the sidewalk right next to us, and made it safely to the subway, which was full of the drunken New York youths from whom the title of this post is quoted. I don't get it either. Ouch.

We took the train until Yonkers ("Yonkers?!"), which is where Tom lives, then he drove us back to Irvington, where we curled up into bed straight away, exhausted after our Adventures In The Big City.

srah - Saturday, 17 May 2003 - 8:59 PM
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gravatar Melanie - August 22, 2003 - 3:42 PM -

I've been watching this show since I can remember. My Mother would always watch it at 4:30pm EVERY single night so i kinda got hooked. It's a great show ... even tho my boyfriend doesn't seem to think so. always making fun of me if I cry during an episode etc... anyway I want to say that the cast are all fabulous and my favorite Character would have to be Phylis . she is wild and very entertaining always makes me laugh with her attitude and remarks. The cutest character use to be Nick but now would have to be Kevin. Even tho he is kinda weird in some ways maybe he just needs someone to help him with his problems and he can overcome his insecurities anout critism etc.. He is one HOT man. :) As for my least favorite right now would have to be BRAD. after what he did to Ashley she should have dumped his ass.
Guess thats it keep up the good work!

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