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Picture time (again)

I went bowling tonight with Johanna, Renata, and Amandine, Bernadette and Cédric, three BTS students from Presles who are Renata's neighbors. Johanna brought her digital camera, so I am instantly able to bring you shots from our outing, where I came in fourth with 78 points, having been in first place until the 8th frame. As if you cared.

After bowling, I went back to Johanna's apartment and we looked at the pictures she's taken here, all of which seem to feature me in my Michigan sweatshirt. I swear, I do have other clothing. She let me copy some to disk, so I bring you the oevre of Friedl. I like the last one because I look super-sexy. Or evil.

srah - Tuesday, 1 April 2003 - 6:22 PM
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