Fear and Loathing at Presles

Last night as we ate chez les BTS, there was une guêpe flying around our heads and alighting on the ceiling light fixture. Then Renata, Johanna and I went back to the assistants' apartment to get ready for bowling. I lay on my back on Renata's bed, then felt something on my face.

My blood ran cold. The wasp had somehow followed us through the hallway and was on my face. I reached my hand up... and discovered that the nosepad of my glasses had come unscrewed and had fallen off. I was able to sufficiently remedy the situation with the help of Renata's swiss army knife. This should last me until Thursday or Friday, when I can have my opticians have a go at it with their expertise and teeny tiny tournevis. It is nice to be in a technical school, quand même.

srah - Wednesday, 2 April 2003 - 5:00 AM

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