Hoy día en la clase de español hablamos de McDonald's. Mis estudiantes, que son estudiantes de hoteleria, y que deben tener standards, van al McDonald's dos veces por semana.

Might as well use my Spanish, or I'm going to keep forgetting it.

When Sonia asked the students who enjoyed going to McDonald's, the hand of the petite ricaine was one of the few that wasn't raised. I was afraid during the whole class period that I was going to be asked for the American opinion on McDonald's. In Spanish.

I wouldn't say that I don't like fast food - because it is fast and cheap and portable (rapido, barato y portatil?) - but McDonald's is really the dregs. The poor French don't have anything to compare it with, except the Belgian chain Quick, which is almost as bad. I certainly hope that if they had tastier options like Arby's and Burger King they wouldn't continue bouffing the merde that is MacDo.

srah - Friday, 4 April 2003 - 9:30 AM
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