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One of the things I love about Europe is that it's so polyglottal polyglottic polyglotty polyglottious. Anyway, there are a buttload of languages here. Because the countries have so much inter-European trade, packaging is usually in at least three languages.

Usually it's enough for me to read one of the languages, but sometimes I find myself perusing several for my own amusement, and I begin wondering if someone's out to get me. It's always interesting to find that the Spanish and French packaging includes a direction or safety warning that is missing from the English translation.

I found the same sort of thing on our boat ride on the Seine - the Bateaux Mouches' commentary for the Louvre says one thing in French, Italian, Spanish, and (I assume) Russian, and something quite different in English. It was correct English, but it was not a translation from the French - it was an entirely different story.

For this reason, I prefer important information and communication in French, and I take care to listen to all of the languages I understand in Eurostar announcements to see what they're telling the French passengers, but keeping from the English ones.

srah - Wednesday, 15 January 2003 - 3:40 AM
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