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Les Sables d'Olonne
Antoine and Lucie in front of the waves nice crashy waves waves in the other direction Sarah and Antoine, reunited.  And waves. big wave! small waves waves on rocks Lucie and Antoine searching for old German bullets

Más Valéry Larbaud
another look at the inside of the school a classroom the fountain up close one of the kitchens of the restaurant gastronomique

Party @ Presles
Renata's lovely pre-party outfit Stefan and Renaud singing

the Puy-de-Dôme, seen from the Christmas Market

Trip to the Cantal
view from Super Lioran, where we stopped for lunch Stefan and the Orange Van lunch in the Orange Van - Nelson, Jennifer, Renata and me dancing lessons chez Claude the village of Tournemire Anjony Castle swirly mists, mountains, and Renata assistants in a cave church in a hill narrow old-fashioned streets in Salers

Fête des S2OL
[so embarassing to those photographed that they are available only upon request]

Christmas Break with the Boyfriend
can you find the baby under the stuffed animals? Alex in front of the Ceüze mountain, taken from Brigitte and Michel's yard Michel and Sophie dancing Alex and Srah in Grenoble the Eiffel Tower, half-missing in the fog an interesting view from the Seine Alex and the Rosetta Stone, at the British Museum a giant stone fist punching Alex why does he never look at *me* like that? Alexander the Great... and Alex the Not-So-Great

srah - Friday, 24 January 2003 - 3:28 PM
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