What a dreamful week I've been having! I'm sure you don't care, but I like to record them and perhaps in reading them, you will realize exactly how bizarre things are in my head.

First I was on a tour bus in England and Neil Dudgeon, John Hannah and Joanna Roth were there as well. Neil was right behind me, but the other two were way at the back of the bus.

The tour guide announced that we weren't going to be able to watch the video she'd planned to show in the bus because she'd left it at the tour office. I had a video in my bag that I thought about suggesting we watch instead, until I realized it was the "Laurels are Poison" episode of The Mrs Bradley Mysteries, and thus two of our fellow tour members would be easily identifiable as celebrities.

We finally got to our destination, then we had to cross fields to get there. At one point we had a choice of going through the poopy, horse-filled stables or across open ground, so I chose the latter, but it turned out that involved crossing a "bridge" that consisted of one log and that had an enormous, poisonous spider building a web just on the other side. Then I woke up.

When I fell asleep again, I dreamt that I was at this Lord of the Rings museum with my mom and sister. There was an interactive movie with some trolls and whatnot, so we sat down to watch it, but my mom and Becky kept leaping up and coming back later. At one point a shemale came along and sat in Becky's seat and when I told him/her that the seat was taken, he/she glared at me with hatred in his/her eyes.

The next time I saw Becky, she had acquired a wheelchair. "What happened?" I asked my mother, horrified. "Nothing," she answered, "She just wants attention." Becky got frustrated quickly, though, trying to navigate the chair through the crowds, where everyone was concerned with getting where they were going and didn't notice her.

Next thing I remember, I was in a big city. It may have been near Leicester Square in London or Times Square in New York. There was a big back-to-school barbecue dinner going on in the middle of the street and members of the Star Academy kept showing up in the windows of a building above and making the crowd cheer. Jillian (my friend from Albion) and I were looking for seats. I was upset because they'd "borrowed" my table and chairs and I still couldn't find a place. We decided we wanted to sit at the table that Mathieu (a BTS Optique student from Valéry Larbaud) was at, because he was kissing everyone and apparently we wanted some of that. So we sat down next to Antoine (former French assistant at Albion), but he was saving the seat for Fanny (his wife, former Spanish assistant at Albion). So I asked Annamaria (classmate from Grenoble) if there was any place near her, but she claimed there wasn't. It was an odd mix of people and I don't know what any of them were doing there.

srah - Wednesday, 22 January 2003 - 3:56 AM
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