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Les fêtes

One of the students asked me today if I was going to celebrate Halloween with the other American assistants. I think they have an overblown image of the importance of Halloween here. When I was in Grenoble, Halloween came and went and I thought 'I suppose I should have made an effort'. For me, Halloween can be passed over if you're not in the homeland. Halloween is really all about costumes and trick-or-treating, both of which are hard to incorporate into an adopted culture.

What will be difficult for me is missing out on Thanksgiving. Even in Grenoble, we had a makeshift Thanksgiving à la française. I don't know about any grande echelle Thanksgiving plans for assistants, so I guess I'll have to buy some smoked turkey slices and try to find some yams to put Chamallows on. Yum.

srah - Tuesday, 8 October 2002 - 3:36 AM
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