The Monday Mission 1. What

The Monday Mission

1. What caused your last case of psuedo-road rage? I don't get that angry, unless I'm in one of those moods. Usually I'm someone to get angry at
because I get into the left lane and start thinking about other things and
slowing down, or I turn left thinking I have the right of way when I don't
and almost kill everyone involved. Boy, I'm an awful driver. 2. Tell me about one of your favorite television shows that was cancelled (past or present). Hmmm. The Non-Sucky X-Files? That was cancelled about three years ago. Is that stupid show still on?

3. Have you ever gone online and pretended to be someone else? What's the story there? No. Sorry to disappoint.

4. What was (is) one of your favorite Children's books? I am a former
employee of the youth department of my local library. Don't get me started.
Perhaps I will make a list in an upcoming post. 5. Can you recommend a CD (tape or otherwise) for me to listen to on the drive home? Shirley Bassey - Diamonds are Forever: The Remixes

6. What is your online nickname and what is the story behind how you selected it?
I am srah and people like to sing "Que sera sera" to me. Thus QueSrah.
Actually, srah is an online nickname too, but it's also a real-life nickname.
That one comes from my friend Grace and I complaining about how there was
no nickname for either of our names. So we started calling each other "S'rah"
and "Gra'". One stuck. 7. Ever been bitten or stung before (snake, wasp, dog, etc)? Nope. *knock on wood*. Mosquitos aplenty, though.

BONUS: Does anybody love anybody anyway? I love Alf and that's all that matters to me.

srah - Monday, 15 April 2002 - 9:02 AM
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