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A Tale of a Bunch of Cities

The following is a stupid story, but we have a lot of Pepperidge Farms cookies around the office this week, so it keeps haunting me every time I see them. I'm hoping that by blogging it, I will exorcise my demons.

Once upon a time, my family received a Pepperidge Farms variety pack of cookies.

"Rock on," thought I, because I sometimes think in terms like that, even if they are not things I would say out loud. "Now I can taste them all and figure out which ones I like, without the expense of buying a full package of each one." (I'm sure that you understand this, as it is kind of the idea behind all variety packs.)

So I tasted all the cookies in this variety pack and decided that there was one cookie that was my Very Favorite One and that I should remember this cookie's name so that I could buy more of them at the cookie store.

"This will be easy to remember," I thought, "Because it makes me think of a city in Europe. So I just need to remember that the Pepperidge Farms cookie variety that is my Very Favorite One is the one that's like a city." I have managed to keep this little hint in my head, despite the fact that it doesn't help at all because all freaking Pepperidge Farms cookies are named after cities.

So I've got the culprit narrowed down to: Milano, Bordeaux, Brussels, Geneva and Verona. I think the only solution to this is for Pepperidge Farms to expand their Tim Tam line so that the Tim Tam Crush Mint Crisp can be my favorite. Or I could just give up on determining a Very Favorite Pepperidge Farms Cookie No, I can't do this because I'm an inveterate list-maker. SOLVE MY PROBLEMS SO THAT I DON'T HAVE TO ADDRESS MY OWN COMPULSIONS, PEPPERIDGE FARMS.

srah - Wednesday, 15 December 2010 - 6:36 PM
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gravatar Emily Elisabeth - December 15, 2010 - 6:58 PM -

I take it you've never been to Chessmen, Arizona.

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