Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.

30 Days of Harry Potter - day 13: What pet would you want to have? (owl, cat, rat or toad)

I don't think of an owl as a pet, but as more of as a service animal. It's not an animal that sticks with you (Hedwig always seems to be in the Owlery during the school year and in cages or out delivering during the summer) and it's certainly not very cuddly or loving. I don't think of Hedwig and Harry's relationship as a pet/owner relationship, but more like an employer/employee relationship with occasional biting. It also seems like there are some school owls available at Hogwarts and families have their own owls at home, so you could still send letters even if you didn't have an owl of your own.

Toads and rats are also not very cuddly or adorable, so the winner is a kitty! If your kitty is part Kneazle, it can also help to protect you, because Kneazles (which are commonly interbred with cats) have an "uncanny ability to detect suspicious and distrustful people". Finally (and perhaps most importantly) a kitty is also the best pet for making YouTube videos magical moving pictures:

What other reason could we need?

srah - Saturday, 13 November 2010 - 6:30 PM
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gravatar srah - November 13, 2010 - 7:32 PM -

The title I wish I had thought of for this post is, "I don't hate you because you're a rat. You're a rat because I hate you." Mean Girls, get out of my head!

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