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30 Days of Harry Potter - day 30: How has Harry Potter affected you/your life?

I went out this weekend and bought a Dark Ford, which can be summoned from a distance by pushing a thing on my arm¹. Its original name can be rearranged to spell more nefarious things². It speaks to me in Parseltongue³ and once lived on the back of some guy's head4. Also, it has Sirius, but only for six months, and then I guess he will be released. For these reasons, I have named my new car....

The new hot model

Ford Foldemort

¹ Well, it has remote-start that I can hold in my hand or could - if I wanted to - sort of balance on my arm. And the doors can be unlocked from afar, which I couldn't do with my previous vehicle. But we have not yet reached KITT-style car-summoning technology.

² So far I've come up with: "sniff our do", "do info surf", "food, fun sir", "odors if fun", "sod off, I run", "nod if for us", "I'd so run off", "Uri nods off", "duo riffs on", "I, don of furs" and "odour sniff"

³ No it doesn't. But it does talk to me and interact with me in ways I didn't know cars could do! I feel like I'm in the future!

4 What? No. Now I'm just making up lies.

srah - Tuesday, 30 November 2010 - 1:25 PM
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