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Last night around 7:30, I checked the TVGuide.com listings to find out which channel the season premiere of Beauty and the Geek¹ was on. And I couldn't find it anywhere! That's okay, the TVGuide.com listings are sometimes weird and sometimes they are a day off and it takes some fiddling to get them to catch up. So I checked out Yahoo! TV, my back-up² source for TV listings when TVGuide is being a spaz. It wasn't on there either! I resigned myself to the fate of having to illegally super-legally download episodes from the Internet and started watching a DVD, but then around 8:15, something made me stop Inspector Lynley and give channel-surfing a try. And there it was, right there on channel 2, where it did not appear in any of my listings. Liars!

So I got to watch my lovely show and see the Beauties take cards out of a card catalogue (which I'm sure was brought out of some storage room just for this event) and then fail to locate the books they corresponded to. C'mon, Beauties! Dewey Decimal System here! This isn't even Library of Congress! And the Geeks did stand-up comedy, which was supposed to be a social challenge. I don't think it was necessarily much of a social challenge, because I suspect a lot of geeks would rather get up and tell jokes to an audience than talk one-on-one to people.

My favorite and least favorite characters are already developing. I think that Sheree is a ringer, I like the comradeship between Cecile and Nate, Mario is fun (and reads Pop Candy) and my favorite Geek is Scooter, because he has a beard and his profile says he likes maps and culinary experimentation. Sound like anyone we know?

The season has begun! Who will join me in my television-watching quest?

¹ A.K.A. The Best Reality Show On TV Now That The Biggest Loser's Season Is Over And That Includes You, American Idol.

² Hey look, Microsoft tried to have its own TV listings site! Isn't that just so precious? I heard they have a search engine, too.

srah - Thursday, 4 January 2007 - 6:01 PM
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gravatar Cheryl - January 5, 2007 - 8:13 AM -

The Beauties OBVIOUSLY never saw Tombs and Talismen.

gravatar srah - January 5, 2007 - 8:19 AM -

Oh, man. Now I'm going to have the song in my head all day. I think it was "tomes" rather than "tombs" though, which would fit into the library thing. Oh wow, there's a Wikipedia page. It needs to be on YouTube.

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