What, you mean it wasn't a documentary?

One moment! let me tell you who they are.
They are no members of the common throng;
They are all noblemen who have gone wrong.

They are all noblemen who have gone wrong.

No Englishman unmoved that statement hears,
Because, with all our faults, we love our House of Peers.
I pray you, pardon me, ex-Pirate King!
Peers will be peers, and youth will have its fling.
Resume your ranks and legislative duties,
And take my daughters, all of whom are beauties.

I bet that in the months following the end of The Pirates of Penzance there were some unhappy younger brothers and cousins and uncles around. I bet the House of Lords was a pretty rollicking place then, too. Yarrrr.

srah - Thursday, 21 December 2006 - 12:08 PM
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