Put your tape decks on record, y'all

Put your tape decks on record, y'allLudacris hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and surprised me by not taking himself seriously and actually being funny. This is not something I really expect from rappers, who seem way too concerned with getting other people to take them seriously. Now I think that Ludacris is awesome. Yay Ludacris.

There were many funny parts to the episode, but one really stood out, in that it has been in my head CONSTANTLY FOR ABOUT 36 HOURS. Fortunately, NBC has put the whole Blizzard Man sketch online so that you too can enjoy these miraculous lyrics (and the dances that go with them):

Rap song! Rap song. We do our raps and then the crowd goes wild. And then it's time for the after-party, then we hang out and do lots of sex with girls.
Doin' raps and goin' to parties – that's basically what we're all about. We're super famous so the ladies let us hump 'em and also we drink expensive champagne.
We rap all the time, oh we are so good at rapping. Who wants to mess with us? You'll totally get shot with a gun. Don't you be a jerk. It's bad for the party and the ladies get scared. Here, you, smoke this doobie. Let's all go down and get in the hot tub. What a fancy shindig, there are some real bodacious babes. They see our soggy trunks, and they shake their booties and my thingy gets excited. Boop-boop-dootly-doot...

These lyrics are even more inspiring than Katharine McPhee's.

srah - Monday, 20 November 2006 - 1:07 PM
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gravatar Designer Ella - November 20, 2006 - 1:36 PM -

Hee hee. :-)

gravatar Allison - November 20, 2006 - 10:45 PM -

Does NBC put other sketches online, cause I've got a hankerin' for some cowbell and Schwetty balls!

gravatar srah - November 20, 2006 - 11:18 PM -

They do, but the selection is really odd and hard to search!

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