I dreamt last night that I was Inspector Rebus, as played by John Hannah. Someone was after DS Clarke and myself so there were a lot of exciting car chases and things. We got to what was apparently Siobhan's house and ran inside, barely locking the door behind us before our pursuers reached it. Siobhan decided that we should spray through the cracks in the door with a spray bottle filled with water, because that's what they used to do to her dog. Apparently the guy ran away and then Jamie Bell (who was - okay, I'll spoil it - he was the murderer in A Question of Blood) came to the door with fluorescent yellow hair and fluorescent-other-colors clothes on. Siobhan said we had to let him in so we did so quickly and as the two of them ran upstairs, I realized that she had fluorescent yellow hair too, so they must be brother and sister. I went into the living room and realized that the back door was open and that the pursuers could be in the house despite our efforts at the front door. I think someone hit me over the head then because the next thing I knew, it was revealed that the people chasing us had been Siobhan's mother and stepfather and there was a happy reunion after a long-held misunderstanding.

I thought that this was a normal and boring and happy ending to a normal and boring dream until DS Clarke came down the stairs asking for advice on how to shave all the hair off her body, just as had been done in my holiday snaps in Liverpool (even though I had been 5 at the time and that's why I had no hair).

srah - Saturday, 23 July 2005 - 10:24 AM

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gravatar katie - July 23, 2005 - 2:56 PM -

Dude. The inside of your head is a strange and scary place.

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