Hair clips, hair clips everywhere, nor any clips to clip

Lately, as the driver of a car with no air conditioning, I have found that I always need something (please for the love of god something - anything - does anyone have some twine or gift ribbon or anything - I think I would kill for a twist tie) to put my hair up with and I never have one on hand.

I like those bitey hair clips that make my head look like a palm tree. They don't usually leave a crease in my hair like ponytail holders do, which makes them good for keeping the hair off my neck when I need it up and putting it back down when I want it down. So at the same time I made my other purchase, I had the clever idea to buy more hair clips, so that I can always keep one in the car.

The problem, I realized after buying a pack of four, is that I will wear these hair clips to keep my hair off my neck in the car, then wear them right out of the car, bringing them into the house and into the piles of hair clips that already reside on my dresser and in my bathroom. Then I will find myself trapped in the car with nothing to tie my hair back with. And I will buy more hair clips. And so on and so on.

If you find that you haven't seen me in a few days, please give a shout into the pile of hair clips in my house - I may be trapped underneath.

srah - Monday, 6 June 2005 - 3:42 PM

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