'And then after the smoke is cleared/ and the rubble has been swept away/ me and KG will peek out our heads'

I spent half an hour sitting at a computer in the Undergrad Library this afternoon and trying to manage my piles of email. Committee-organized events may just kill me.

I was sidetracked from what was supposed to be a quick blogging session about being short and ended up staying in the library for about half an hour, meaning that I was out longer than I'd paid for parking and I had a parking ticket.

Parking tickets in Ann Arbor are $10 but they're $6 if you pay it within one business day. So I drove off to City Hall, parked in their lot, put money in the meter (getting a parking ticket in City Hall would be pretty convenient but I didn't really need more than one in a day) and went up to the door.

The door had a sign on it saying that for the time being, parking tickets should be paid across the street in the Ann Arbor Customer Services office. I crossed the street and entered the office. I made small talk with the cashier/desk attendant while I paid, saying that it was pretty strange that if I didn't pay in person, I would have to mail my payment off to White Plains, NY.

She replied, with a touch of bitterness in her voice, that it was pretty strange that I didn't have to pay parking tickets at City Hall anymore. "This is only the beginning." she added, ominously.

Actually, she didn't add it ominously, nor in such a fashion that it really deserved italics. But my brain likes to add these features to that phrase. It seems to me that whenever someone says, "This is only the beginning," it should be accompanied by a clap of thunder and a lightning strike, or perhaps some particularly sinister organ music. I liked to picture this particular event as being in the trailer for the Movie That Is My Life.

This is only the beginning. The beginning of a terrible existence in which people have to cross the street to pay their parking tickets. Are you yet chilled to YOUR VERY SOUL? You will be, my friend. You will be.

srah - Thursday, 10 March 2005 - 2:22 PM
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gravatar Nick - March 11, 2005 - 3:06 PM -

Dum dum DUM! That statement also requires a strong wind to immediately pick up and swirl your cape around dramatically. (I assume you were wearing a full length cape.)

gravatar srah - March 11, 2005 - 3:07 PM -

I always wear capes when paying parking tickets. I keep the cape folded up in my glove compartment just in case.

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