I'm just mad about saffron...

Good morning. I woke up at 7am today, thinking it was almost noon. Being on the other end of this time zone confuses me. I have no ability to guess the time anymore. The truth discovered, I went back to sleep.

My roommates had already left by the time I got dressed, so I went for a wander in Central Park alone. I later discovered that most SI people had had the same plan, although I didn't run into any of them at the time. The Gates Project was still up, so I wandered through and people-watched. I think the coolest thing about the Gates Project was that it got people out walking around. I don't know how bustling Central Park usually is, but it was certainly bustly today. The best thing I saw was the two ladies dressed all in black with saffron scarves that matched the gates. They made me smile all through the park. I also enjoyed seeing all of the sweater-clad dogs. I think that New York's favorite form of one-upmanship may be "My dog has more clothing on than yours." I've seen dogs in socks, too. Now we need some with hats, or possibly little doggie ties.

I liked wandering around on my own. There's something lonely about solitary walks, but they also give one time for reflection and I enjoy them for that. I hate eating alone, though, so it's good that I got a phone call around lunchtime to meet people.

Mr B******, MaTT, Rachel and I went to this Chinese place we'd seen the night before. We passed Nnnick on the way, then realized we were walking in the wrong direction and passed him again going the other way. We thought about turning around again just to make him think he was going crazy.

I had a roast duck salad. It was very tasty and the plum sauce dressing was lovely. After lunch we went to the Museum of Modern Art. I got to see a few Magrittes and there was an interesting section on Design that had everything from Legos to teapots to iPods to rocking chaises to Hecate's ancestor, the Canon S110. She took a picture.

We set off looking for an H&M that Nick had mentioned, so as not to be one-upped by Amanda and our other friends on ASB in Washington, DC. We will find the damned H&M, if it takes us all week! So... needless to say, we didn't find it on this trip. We later found out we'd been given bad directions.

Instead we walked up Broadway, back to our accomodations. We lazed around for a while, debating what to do for dinner. We finally picked something and lazed around some more, in the hopes that someone would call us back and be interested in associating with us. Unfortunately we suck, so we only got a nibble as we were walking to the restaurant. We got a table, waited for Nnnick and had some lovely Italian at a place called Julian's. We talked an awful lot about Willie Nelson. For future reference, if I had a choice between having a magician with a rabbit in his hat, a balloon-animal-making clown or Willie Nelson at my birthday party, I pick Willie Nelson. So get a move on arranging that already.

We also had two bottles of wine among the five of us, followed by a trip to a (possibly-gay or at least man-heavy) bar called 'Disiac, which had Lindeman's Framboise. Hurray for you, bar! Nnnick and Mr B****** and I sang along with the music, the boys tried to set things on fire with the candle on the table because boys are dumb and we returned home in time to watch cartoons and stumble off to bed before our first day of work.

srah - Sunday, 27 February 2005 - 11:59 PM
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gravatar Cari - March 3, 2005 - 7:55 PM -

Living on the East coast totally confused me...it was really depressing in December when the sun set before 4pm though!

gravatar noor - March 6, 2005 - 6:49 PM -

H&M is awesome. Buying a couple of things from there may have been the best thing about dc.

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