(Amanda sucks)

Amanda and I have been working on a project together all semester which was due yesterday. In addition to finishing the project, we had to tell the class about what we'd done. Amanda and I (or at least I) only really thought about this about a half an hour before class began. We jotted down some notes as to what we'd talk about and who'd say who, went to class, and saw the first group's PowerPoint slides on the screen.


Luckily there were plenty of groups who wanted to go before us, so we managed to throw some slides together, upload them to my webspace, and sort of look like we had come to class all prepared and stuff. It's nice to know that PowerPoint slides thrown together at the last minute and at great expense look exactly like well-thought out ones. There isn't much of an art to PowerPoint - it's all in what you've got to say. And we had things to say in droves.

Go Team!

srah - Wednesday, 24 November 2004 - 4:22 PM

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gravatar 539 Classmate - November 29, 2004 - 5:00 PM -

This is very funny because I assumed that you simply had stage fright. I apologize for confusing stage fright with procrastination. It's not my fault we had powerpoints and handouts- my group was 1/2 librarians. :)


gravatar srah - November 29, 2004 - 7:26 PM -

It wasn't even procrastination - it was not realizing what we had to do.

gravatar Josh - December 1, 2004 - 10:52 PM -

Well, I guess it would be nice if the teacher would post assignments in something resembling English, or something resembling order- either one would be nice. I understand that both would be a lot to ask. We took the 539 syllabus to a combined team of cryptologists, egyptologists (the rosetta stone, you see), and astrologists, who deciphered it for us. That's how we knew to do powerpoint and handouts (1 bonus point).

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