Müber good deals!

We got up at 7am today to head off to Paris at 8. Luckily, unlike the last time I travelled, I actually packed more than 10 minutes before departure time. Eirlys, Becky, Anca and I crammed into the van with the other people, who were only going to Paris for the day. Two of the seats had been removed from the van, so Anca remarked that, crammed in and sitting on the floor, we looked like a van full of illegal immigrants. This was completely ridiculous, of course, because only some of us are illegal immigrants.

The train ride was long and boring and I was starving, but we arrived at Gare d'Austerlitz, made our way through the Metro, and got to Place de la Nation, which was supposed to be the stop closest to our hotel. I remembered the name of our hotel and I remembered how to get there, but I didn't remember the address or the street name (although I knew I would recognize it when I saw it) and I had also left the phone number back in P--------. So we walked and walked and just after we gave up, we found it. We dropped our bags off and headed out shopping.

Our hotel, by the way, turned out to be very nice. It was only 58€ a night, which made 29€ for each of us - only 5€ more than we would have paid if we'd been able to make reservations at the hostel. The rooms themselves were behind the building that the hotel office was in, so they were a nice distance from the street and very quiet.

We spent a long, boring time in the crowded, noisy Puma store, where everyone except me wanted to shop. Then we went our separate ways - that is, Becky and Anca went in one direction and Eirlys and I in the other. I found a lot of cute stuff on sale (probably more than I should have) and we spent a nice afternoon together.

After shopping, we went back to the hotel and rested and waited for the other two to get back. We went out to dinner at a Moroccan restaurant down the road. I'd never been to a Moroccan restaurant, so I figured I had to be adventurous and not get a steak and french fries. So I got a tagine de poulet aux olives et au citron. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooood. So good. So so good. They were even nice to us with our foibles of having to have everything on the menu explained to us, even the French stuff. I followed it up with some bad thé à la menthe and then we went back to the hotel to change for going out.

I got gussied up in one of the tops I bought (for 70% off!) and Becky put makeup on me. Then we hit the Champs-Elysées because Becky knew of a bar there that she wanted to go to there. We walked down the street and someone yelled "Nice tits," quite possibly at me. I felt flattered and dirty at the same time.

We got to Barfly around 1:30 and the bouncer told us it closed at 2. Oh well, time enough for one drink. It was sort of a loungey, hanging out place. It was okay. Becky met a guy there and we were going to tag along with his friends. The most charming of them, upon meeting us, asked if we had any coke. Yes, that is with a lower-case c. So I was not too disappointed when it came to pass that they were going to a cabaret somewhere else in town and only had small cars, so we would have to take a taxi then pay the entrance fee. So we stayed on the Champs-Elysées and went to another bar, which had smoke machines inside.

I, not being a late-night party-person type individual, was almost falling asleep on the table by 3. We got the check, took a taxi home and were probably in bed by about 4 or so.

srah - Saturday, 3 July 2004 - 10:04 PM

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