Monkey in a human suit in a Suit of Power?

I had a Real Live Grown-Up Meeting this morning. It was set up during the day yesterday, while I was at my other job, so it's lucky that I happened to check my internship email and find out about it. I ended up having to go alone to the web design firm that did one of our websites years ago, to show them the report I'd done on the usability and information architecture* of one of our websites, which I wanted them to update and modify.

I left 25 minutes before the meeting, although the directions my supervisor gave me said that it should take 11. I knew that I would get lost and sure enough, I did not disappoint! I managed to miss my exit and got off at the next one, but I made up for it quickly and easily by heading in the general direction of the road I should have been on and actually jumping further along in the directions and taking some sort of shortcut.

I was very nervous about this meeting, so I wore my Magic Suit of Power. I hoped that my Magic Suit of Power would make me look (more) like a Grown-Up and not the Five-Year-Old that I felt like. It would help me deal with Real Live Professional Web Designers and hopefully I would be Strong and Firm and would not say "Well... I think what you did is all wrong and you suck as a human being. Unless... maybe I'm wrong. I'm probably wrong. So you just do what you do there, Mr Professional Web Designer, and I will shut my Inexperienced Grad Student Face."**

[Are you laughing? This is a serious concern! In my line of work, I am constantly insulting people and then suddenly taking a turn for self-deprecation to try to make up for it! Maybe not to that extreme, but I when I get nervous, garbage just pours out of my mouth. It's disgusting. Anyway, back to the story...]

So I show up in my black suit and heels and mascara and things, hoping to impress the Real Live Professional Web Designers and am met by... two twenty-somethings (possibly younger than myself) in khakis and Hawaiian/polo shirts. Seriously, what was I thinking?

Well, the Suit of Power works its Magic even when I feel weirdly overdressed, so I was actually able to express myself - perhaps better than I am able to do here at my internship, because I was in a familiarly nerdy environment. Did they hire interns this summer? Did they want some? I was fantasizing that they had always been looking for an information architect and there I was, right there on the doorstep, looking so professional, showing them some excellent work I did... and that they would hire me away from my internship and offer me wealth and travel and academic credit and kittens and comfy chairs and I would accept and live Happily Ever After. Unfortunately, no such offer was made (maybe they'll email me the paperwork later today).

It went pretty well, especially because they were young and webbish and I felt comfortable with them, even when I had to admit that I really didn't know exactly what my company wanted from them. We finished up, exchanged contact information for future communication, and I left.

I realized on the way to work this morning that my gas tank was almost empty and I didn't want to go any further without filling it. I also didn't have time to pack a lunch. I remembered seeing a BP and several fastish food places while I was "lost" so I decided to retrace my steps rather than following the directions.

I filled up on gas and then had to decide where to fill up on me. I picked Tim Horton's because our local TH only has doughnuts and coffee and the egg salad sandwich commercials on TV have been haunting me for weeks.

They were super nice to me there. Maybe it was the Suit. One counter girl chatted with me when I said I needed a minute to decide because I'd never been to a Tim Horton's that served lunch before. Another woman was very nice when I wanted to get a combo but substitute almost everything in it. When I said I wanted it "to go," the same woman seemed disappointed and tried to convince me that I should eat it there, because WOMC was coming by for some reason and I might be able to be on the radio. Unfortunately, work called, so I had to take my egg salad sandwich, chicken noodle soup and cup of tea*** with me and avoid the siren's call of celebrity yet again. So the moral of the story is: If you are in the area, go to the Tim Hortons on Evergreen Road because I love them.

I got into the car, turned on WOMC (never heard anything about Tim Horton's, unfortunately) and headed back to the office. I missed the 696 entrance, ended up in a 2-lane suburban area, turned around and found it again. Then I somehow managed to miss the Telegraph Road exit but didn't realize it until I passed another exit I'm used to seeing on my way home from work. "Hmmm," I thought, "Maybe Orchard Lake Road is really windy and curvy and crosses 696 twice!" No such luck. I drove all the way to Novi**** before I was able to turn around and head back.

Anyway, back to my Last Day Of Work!

srah - Thursday, 3 June 2004 - 1:15 PM

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Comments (7)

gravatar Jez - June 3, 2004 - 3:38 PM -

Useless Internet toys #6587: backwards Google.


gravatar srah - June 3, 2004 - 4:48 PM -

halb halb hars!!!1

gravatar The Urstodian - June 3, 2004 - 5:48 PM -

Man, thats messed up

gravatar MaTT - June 3, 2004 - 6:05 PM -

I think you almost managed to beat out The Urstodian in raw volume of content per posting -- omigod... ;) You hardly said anything about the meeting tho... i guess all the interesting stuff happened before and aft. And hey, your lunch would probably only cost like $10.50 in NYC ;)

gravatar Mr B------ - June 4, 2004 - 12:14 PM -

I love your new picture!

gravatar alfie - June 4, 2004 - 3:14 PM -

Srah: see photo
Alfie: that's not you in the stocks
Alfie: that's mike in your human suit
Alfie: i can tell by the reference librarian tag

gravatar cari - June 6, 2004 - 5:31 PM -

I live by the 696 and orchard lake exit (def not windy back to 696 :-p)

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