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On the way to work this morning, I picked myself up some sushi for lunch. The sushi place where I went serves eleven-piece sushi boxes. Why eleven? Not ten, not quite a dozen. Is eleven a lucky number in Japan? It's made even weirder by the fact that most of their sushi boxes are labeled as 1/2 and 1/2... or, you know, 5 avocado and 6 crab.

In a restaurant, I always feel compelled to eat with chopsticks and make a mess of myself. Luckily no one is in my little desk-pool at work today, so I am able to pick the rolls up with my fingers, plop them around in wasabi/soy sauce and nibble away at them for a while.

srah - Thursday, 6 May 2004 - 12:59 PM

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Comments (6)

gravatar Smuj - May 6, 2004 - 1:50 PM -

You're making me hungry.

gravatar Almond - May 6, 2004 - 2:39 PM -

That does sound really good, even though the unevenness of it all is kind of weird.

gravatar katie - May 6, 2004 - 2:54 PM -

Wasabi is yucky. And chopsticks are fun.

gravatar Smuj - May 6, 2004 - 2:58 PM -

Wasabi is not yucky.

I paid a friend of mine to snort wasabi powder once. It was funny.

gravatar Urs - May 6, 2004 - 3:24 PM -

According to my sister, they did that in the Jackass movie. The thought of it blew my mind

She also likes wasabi on everything

gravatar Smuj - May 6, 2004 - 4:04 PM -

I never saw the Jackass movie. It was pretty amusing in real life, though. He said he discovered a new kind of pain.

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