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Señorita C had a soccer-team fundraiser tonight, where 20% of tonight's proceeds at a local sandwich shop went to the team. So we bundled the whole family on over there.

I am convinced that I have agoraphobia. It was so loud. It was so crowded. I felt like screaming or punching people in the face or just covering my ears and crying.

Of course, it is also possible that I just plain hate high school students. They are loud, they are shrill and they all look the same - not only the same as each other, but the same as the people we went to high school with.

I wish it impressed them in some way that I hate them and that it would make them change in some way. Obey me! FEEEEEAR MEEEEEEEE! I'm a college student! That makes me cool, doesn't it?

Well... my mom says I'm cool.

srah - Saturday, 27 March 2004 - 12:30 AM
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Comments (5)

gravatar Urs - March 27, 2004 - 3:15 AM -

I kinda feel the same way, but I think that I might be a tad more self assured - like if a person looks more hip than I do, I think "well, has that person ever gotten a college degree? / gone to graduate school? / been to Africa? / been in a 44 car pile up? / actually been Ms. Ursula A. Arnold because if not, I am totally coller than him/her.

I think you can do the same with the college degree, grad school, living and working in a non-English speaking country, having a way awesome blog and simply by being Srah. You're totally cooler than all those poser high school kids

gravatar Other Mike - March 27, 2004 - 9:07 AM -

I think I must be getting old, because all high school kids look 12 to me now. I see them driving, and I think, "Holy crap, that kid stole his mom's car! Should I be calling 9-1-1?"

Also, for the record, I was never that obnoxious when I was their age. (Oh no!)

gravatar mommy - March 27, 2004 - 11:30 AM -

When did I say you were cool?

gravatar srah - March 27, 2004 - 11:34 AM -


gravatar katie - March 27, 2004 - 12:28 PM -

I think all college students also look 12. I star at them and go whaaaaa???? Then I look at the graduate students in my department, and realize I'm older then many of them, and then I order them around.

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