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Can I get a toot toot? Can I get a beep beep?

In case you wondered what my reunion was like: Cristal poppin' in the stretch Navigator [Champagne is available for $20 a bottle. Who knew Charley's had champagne? I did not partake.] We got food everywhere, as if the party was catered [We lurked around the food table early in the evening and picked out pizza sticks and quesadillas with individual forks because there were no tongs. Did they ever get tongs? It occurs to me I never found out.] We got fellas to my left, honeys on my right [Sure, if you want to call them that. Both genders were...

srah - Saturday, 29 November 2008 - 6:08 AM
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Now I'm a little bit older/ A little bit bolder/ Never so shy

I'm going to my ten-year high school reunion tonight. I'm keeping my expectations nice and low, since a) ten years might not be enough to make attending a reunion worthwhile and b) there's no budget, so the "hey there's a reunion" notifications seem to have been completely word-of-mouth. Therefore, not only are many people I'd like to see not attending, many of them probably don't even know there's a reunion. Anyway, this should be interesting. I'm going with two of my best and oldest friends, who I've kept in close contact with over the years, so if need be, we'll...

srah - Friday, 28 November 2008 - 8:14 AM
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'You say I only hear what I want to'

Alrighty, my High School Mix CD is done. My CDs will be going out a day late, but they'll be going out! Read on for the track listing:...

srah - Monday, 1 May 2006 - 10:44 PM
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A sign that I am getting less and less cool in my old age

I spent most of my early life listening to Oldies music. In order to prepare my track list for smg's CD swap, I went and got out my old mix tapes from high school and scouted out which tracks I also had in CD or mp3 form. A mix from 1994 includes "Turn, Turn, Turn" by The Byrds, "Bobby's Girl" by Marcy Blaine, "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" by Cher, "Downtown" by Petula Clark, "Oh Sweet Pea" by Tommy Roe and "Walk Away Renee" by the Left Banke as well as a smattering of showtunes and some more contemporary songs. I...

srah - Saturday, 22 April 2006 - 7:10 PM
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Pull this thread as I walk away...

it's cd swap time everyone. get excited!the theme this time is music that you loved and/or was popular when you were in high school.frinstance: i was in high school from 1994-1998, so my cd would include things like pearl jam and bush and no doubt because they were popular at the time. it would also include u2, paul simon, and simon & garfunkel because i liked them when i was in high school. get it?this will only be fun if more than 16 people sign up, so pass the word around. Arsesome! Rules and sign-up information are here. Since this...

srah - Monday, 3 April 2006 - 1:00 PM
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No distinguishing features

Señorita C had a soccer-team fundraiser tonight, where 20% of tonight's proceeds at a local sandwich shop went to the team. So we bundled the whole family on over there. I am convinced that I have agoraphobia. It was so loud. It was so crowded. I felt like screaming or punching people in the face or just covering my ears and crying. Of course, it is also possible that I just plain hate high school students. They are loud, they are shrill and they all look the same - not only the same as each other, but the same as...

srah - Saturday, 27 March 2004 - 12:30 AM
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Great Expectations in education

Reading Great Expectations for the first time, I am inspired to question the value of my education. I took advanced English classes in one of the best public schools systems in Michigan, but I don't remember ever reading Charles Dickens in school. I don't even recall any excerpts from A Christmas Carol in my textbooks. What is going on here? I read Oliver Twist on my own a few summers ago and found it very clever and funny. I've tried A Tale of Two Cities twice but I've never been able to get into it, which turned me off from...

srah - Sunday, 30 March 2003 - 3:50 AM
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