Je bois à trop fortes doses/ Je vois des éléphants roses [Day 7 of the DC trip]

I work work worked today to make sure I finished my project before the end of the program. I took a break around noon when my supervisor took me out to lunch, then came back to the office and managed to finish before he left at 4.

I spent some more time time foodling around on the Internet and taking pictures of the office for ASB, then went back to the hotel.

We sat around and watched various TLC shows to rest up at the end of the week, then got to thinking about dinner. Amanda and I decided we were going to have crêpes, but other people had various objections to this idea. We found a cheap crêpe place in Adams Morgan but it took everyone forever to get organized into a dinner party.

Finally we had 13 people. Ideally we would be splitting into French and Brazilian/Cajun factions, but all of the Brazilian/Cajun people wanted to check out the crêpe place too. Amanda and I wondered how we were going to fit 13 people into a restaurant without reservations on a Friday night, but we figured they would thin out eventually.

The party didn't end up thinning out until we had asked for a table for 13 and the other 7 didn't show up. Oh well. So Rebecca, Matt, Amanda, Cari, Billie and I had our crêpes and the rest hoofed off across the street. Billie and I split a "Haute-Savoie," which had Reblochon cheese, Swiss cheese, bacon and various other Alpine goodnesses. Once we got the dinner crêpes out of the way, it was time for the important part: dessert. I had a mocha crêpe - chocolate sauce and coffee ice cream. Mmmmmm.

One of our classmates had been staying with her sister in DC during the week and they had a party at the end. So after dinner we wandered around in circles and finally found the party. We were all pretty beat by that point, so we gossipped about SI for a while and then left around 10:30 or 11.

A few of our classmates had had problems with the Metro, because they were doing construction and sharing tracks, so it took forever to get anywhere. That, coupled with our sore feet and tired selves, enticed us to take a taxi home instead. We got to bed earlyish so that we would be ready for the next day's departure for Michigan.

srah - Friday, 27 February 2004 - 11:47 PM
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