'And we could curse in fluent kangaroo'

Note: I have just read over the following entry and it occurs to me that it is 1am and I have been programming for a good seven hours. And you can tell. Pay no attention to that girl behind the keyboard. Is brain damage contagious?

Damn you, Phil! I don't care what you say. I am having Spring right here and right now. All of the snow and ice and wintry behavior that you were predicting can just stay in Pennsylvania with you. Who cares about Pennsylvania, anyway?

Good, now that I've offended my entire reading audience, moving on.

I don't see how one groundhog can accurately* predict the weather for the whole country, so I think we should have our own regional season-announcing vermin. And what animal would we choose in Michigan? The answer is obvious, because there's nothing like reaching into a burrow and pulling out a snarling, biting, rabid wolverine. Who cares about winter? Get me some medical attention!

* Ha ha! Because, you see, the predictions? They're not real! It's a freaking rodent that they yank out of a box! Then they claim he whispers things in their ears about whether he saw his shadow or not, when really he's muttering about what he's going to do to their mothers! Groundhogs are really irritable on winter mornings and are, anyway, almost always quite unpleasant to talk to. Believe me. I know these things.

srah - Tuesday, 3 February 2004 - 12:55 AM

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gravatar Stephen - February 3, 2004 - 6:06 AM -

The whole groundhog thing seems weird to me. I was trying to explain it to a Swedish friend the other day, and he just kept laughing and laughing.
It sounds quite funny when you try to explain it to someone who has never heard of such a thing!!

gravatar Urs - February 3, 2004 - 8:00 AM -

:] well, it IS just folklore.... We already have rodents selected for MI, WI and MN... a wolverine, a [snarling] badger and a gopher respectivly. I need a nap

gravatar katie - February 3, 2004 - 9:10 AM -

They pull him out of a box? Then isn't the prediction null and void, since he has to come up out of his hole to see his shadow?

Also, how can he see his shadow if a bunch of people-sized people are standing around him, blocking the sunlight?

Also, in Vermont the weather is usually so cloudy that nobody can see any shadows. Perhaps this is why we don't have groundhogs. Or do we? What the heck is a groundhog? Is it related to a woodchuck?

Also... I'm cold. Brrr. No more winter, prease.

gravatar Bob - February 3, 2004 - 1:31 PM -

Maybe we could have the woverine predict how many times winter will leave for a week and then come back again. And since its only a once a year prediction (and wolverines gotta eat) he could spend the rest of the year predicting daily 3 and 4 lottery numbers. At least thats what I would do if I were the wolverines agent.

gravatar katie - February 3, 2004 - 1:40 PM -

If I were a wolverine's agent, I would sick him on all the people I didn't like. Hee hee hee.

gravatar The Almighty Guru - February 3, 2004 - 2:48 PM -

Not to rain on your parade, but the wolverine isn't a native animal of Michigan. (But that didn't stop UofM) ;-)


Maybe we could use the raccoon?

gravatar srah - February 3, 2004 - 2:57 PM -

True, but I figure if we can import them to be our state symboly thing, we can import one to predict the weather...

gravatar katie - February 3, 2004 - 3:46 PM -

I like the caption under the picture at that link: "The wolverine, a member of the weasel family."

You're a buncha weasels, you are.

gravatar Daniella - February 3, 2004 - 7:23 PM -

Round here, the coming of warm weather is announced by the appearance of flies, cicadas and christmas beetles. Which makes a groundhog look kinda cuddly and appealing.

gravatar Bob - February 3, 2004 - 7:39 PM -

The University of Michigan Weasels...just doesnt have the same ring to it. At least your not the Nimrods, like Watersmeet HS in the UP...

gravatar MaTT - February 3, 2004 - 11:53 PM -

I, as a native Pennsylvanian*, am personally offended **

(** well, not really, because i even forgot that it was "groundhog day" yesterday...)
(* i also found out that Pennsylvanians are one of the few (or only) people who refer to their state by the initials: "pee-aay"... strange... never sounded weird to me before this... :) )

gravatar katie - February 4, 2004 - 8:27 AM -

Sometime I refer to Pennsylvania as pee-aay.

Oh, you mean refering to one's state by it's state abbreviation? Um... it's snowy and cold up here in ol' vee-tee!

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