Zis webmail, she goes down more often zan ze 'ores at SI North

Mr B------ and I have imagined the inside of SI North, the building where all of our Graduate Student Instructors have their offices. We have speculated that it's full of French whores, lounging on giant mushrooms in old-fashioned lingerie, smoking hookahs and bitching about webmail being down (which comes to mind because it is right now, just as it is every weekend).

You would think that in a school so focused on technology and so full of people studying Human-Computer Interaction, there would be somebody here who could make it possible for humans to interact with computers once in a while. But maybe everyone here is a former French major like me and has no actual skillz.

What are they training us for?

srah - Saturday, 13 December 2003 - 10:39 AM

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gravatar Mr B------ - December 13, 2003 - 11:33 AM -

P'raps the problem isn't lack of knowledge, just a lack of practical knowledge. After all, we've almost gotten through the Introduction to Network Computing, and we don't know how to set up or repair a network! Maybe SI Computing is just full of theoretical boffins who have to consult the manuals every weekend.

gravatar srah - December 13, 2003 - 11:58 AM -

Yes indeedy. But then when it comes to SI Computing, they should be hiring people who actually know how to do stuff, rather than their own graduates with their theoretical knowledge.

I'm a little scared.

gravatar katie - December 13, 2003 - 4:12 PM -

You ever seen the Trapper Keeper episode of South Park? I think that the computers have taken over, and are actually training students to maintain the technology until such time that humans are no longer needed. But you see, the ability for humans to interact with the computers successfully is unnecessary to this plan.

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