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Venting @ work

This job would be a lot easier if everyone who came in would just shut up and let me tell them what to do.

Get off your ass and walk down to the OIP yourself! Why do I have to bring you a flyer? That's not my job and you have to get your lazy self there eventually.

You have limited options for getting to Cuba! Get over it. Go somewhere else or don't be so picky. Part of studying abroad is learning to adjust, so adjust already. If you study abroad with this rigid mindset, you're going to have a mental breakdown. I hope you do.

You can't find a cheap six-week program in Marseille or Paris! Expand your horizons and go to friggin' Grenoble already. You're not going to learn anything in six weeks anyway.

srah - Monday, 3 November 2003 - 3:34 PM
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Comments (10)

gravatar Greg - November 3, 2003 - 4:01 PM -

"I hope you do." Customer service that is guaranteed to provide the warmest of fuzzies.

gravatar katie - November 3, 2003 - 4:17 PM -

"The warmest of fuzzies." That is my new favorite descriptive phrase.

This post is quite interesting. Oh, by the way, could you go pick up my new refridgerator and have it sent to my house? And can you pick up the tab? I'm a little short...

gravatar srah - November 3, 2003 - 4:20 PM -

I'm a little short, too.

gravatar Mr. B--------- - November 3, 2003 - 5:05 PM -

I just hope you weren't short with all those poor undergrads, too!

gravatar Stephen - November 4, 2003 - 7:09 AM -

I agree fully with what you're saying. Pay up, or don't go to the expensive places. One of the major costs that you can't cut out is the plane ticket. If you're going to pay so much for the ticket, why not spend longer in France?

gravatar jday - November 4, 2003 - 9:17 AM -

srah crack the whip.

gravatar jday - November 4, 2003 - 9:17 AM -


gravatar sheri - November 5, 2003 - 10:36 PM -

This morning at work, someone calls the front desk to ask if I have a Yellow Pages handy.
"Sure do," I say. "Are you missing one? I can run one up..."
No, they say. Their room *does* have both the Yellow and the White pages. But, they...
"just don't feel like looking up the number for American Cab..." so they called me. To do it for them.
JUST when I think people can't get any more pathetically lazy, my faith is restored.
(Hi. Sorry for the vent!)

gravatar srah - November 5, 2003 - 10:54 PM -

That's what we're here for!

gravatar Jez - November 6, 2003 - 5:11 AM -

You can also vent here.

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