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Update on srah's mental health

For those of you who care (and thank you, there are quite a few of you), I'm feeling better after some thinking and a good night's sleep. I have a tendency to try to put others' interests before my own and to try to blame myself for things that aren't my fault in order to keep from hurting anybody.

Geez, when I put it that way, I almost sound nice. Must be lies.

srah - Tuesday, 11 November 2003 - 4:32 PM

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Comments (8)

gravatar Jez - November 11, 2003 - 5:44 PM -

Arrrrr - pirates was never considered true pirates if they was too nice.

gravatar srah - November 11, 2003 - 5:48 PM -

Oi be an HCI poirate. We burn archivists' thatched roofs.

What a paradoxical living situation I find myself in.

gravatar Mike - November 11, 2003 - 5:55 PM -

Yay for feeling better :-D

gravatar alfie - November 11, 2003 - 6:40 PM -

You seemed to feel better when we talked last night, so I'm glad that you are.

gravatar mommy - November 11, 2003 - 11:19 PM -

Please don't burn our archival roof! We just paid a fortune to replace it.

gravatar katie - November 12, 2003 - 8:30 AM -

Prease to exprain: how does an archival roof differ from a "normal" roof (notice the blantant portrayal of archivists as NOT NORMAL)?

Glad you feel better! Yay!

And yay for me for wanting to be an archivist! Someday, you and I can do Celebrity Death Match, or something.

gravatar srah - November 12, 2003 - 12:16 PM -

An archival roof is acid-free.

gravatar katie - November 12, 2003 - 1:54 PM -


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