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Shut up, you masses!

As I was driving home yesterday and listening to a fascinating report on NPR about lead paint, it occurred to me... I have become an extremely boring person.

Become? laugh the masses, clutching their sides and rolling on the ground.

Masses, you are fired.

srah - Tuesday, 7 October 2003 - 10:58 AM

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Comments (9)

gravatar Jez - October 7, 2003 - 11:19 AM -

Hey! Lead paint! Tell me more! ;)

Well, I caught myself listening to a report about farming in Slovakia the other day...Anything can be made interesting on quality talk radio.

Therefore I will be the class goody-goody and say: no, you have not become an extremely boring person.

gravatar katie - October 7, 2003 - 11:23 AM -

You have too become an extremely boring person. However, I consider this an improvement.


gravatar srah - October 7, 2003 - 11:29 AM -

Hey! For once I wasn't even fishing for those compliments!

Well, see, Jez, lead paint is outlawed now, but it's still there in a lot of old buildings. So it's the very poor and the young urban professionals fixing up old buildings and raising families in them who are being affected by it. And there are some mechanisms in place for dealing with lead poisoning, but they aren't actively seeking out the lead and removing it before it--

Oh, crap. Stop me now.

gravatar katie - October 7, 2003 - 11:41 AM -

Wow. I didn't realize you were that boring...

gravatar Jez - October 7, 2003 - 11:58 AM -

Lead poisoning is "saturnisme" in French, in case you were wondering. You get to learn all sorts of weird vocabulary as a translator...

gravatar Justin - October 7, 2003 - 4:15 PM -


gravatar Buzz - October 7, 2003 - 6:43 PM -

You are most definitely not boring! You are a charming and fascinating young woma...zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Huh? Oh, sorry, musta dozed off for a sec.


gravatar Erica - October 8, 2003 - 5:07 AM -

When you started with the lead paint, I thought it was gonna be a joke.

gravatar srah - October 8, 2003 - 7:07 AM -

Nope - not funny, just sad.

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