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Sábado en la vida de srah

I did not go shopping for a coat because I was too lazy and cold to leave the house in the morning. Too cold... to buy a coat. This is the beginning of a vicious cycle. It's looking ugly, folks. And by ugly, I mean totally puffy.

Our 682 group is productive beyond our wildest dreams. Odd ducks, us. We are enormous slackers, but we got all that done and we still managed to watch the football game and play 3-player Tetris.

I should've broken up with the Pato earlier than I did, because ex-boyfriends are a valuable and underrated commodity with multi-purpose ears. A good time was had by all, or at least I hope so.

Tomorrow: back to work. Drat.

srah - Sunday, 5 October 2003 - 1:11 AM

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Comments (8)

gravatar Justin - October 5, 2003 - 2:09 PM -

Multi-purpose ears?

gravatar srah - October 5, 2003 - 3:07 PM -


gravatar richard - October 6, 2003 - 7:49 AM -

that reminds me of a riddle, but I can't tell it here.

gravatar srah - October 6, 2003 - 8:08 AM -

You can't tell us you have a riddle and refuse to tell it! ARGH!

You people know about me and ears, right?

gravatar richard - October 6, 2003 - 10:09 AM -

well, I know about you and ears now.

You want the riddle? Fine. It's better spoken than written.

Q: How does a woman hold her liquor?

A: by the ears.

gravatar srah - October 6, 2003 - 10:32 AM -

Ack! None of that. Multiple purposes of ears: listening and being fondled when srah is sleepy.

gravatar Cheryl - October 6, 2003 - 1:23 PM -

I like that riddle. Is that wrong?

gravatar Cheryl - October 6, 2003 - 1:25 PM -

Hey! I cancelled that comment! I didn't post it! You tricked me!

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