Would you please ignore/ that you found me on the floor

Yarrrrrr. This be a shout-out to all my homies at the Bentley, who want to appear in my blog. Much alcohol was drunk over the course of this evening, and so was Robin.

Is it strange to go out drinking with your parents? Some would say so, it would seem. I like alliteration. Good night.

srah - Saturday, 20 September 2003 - 12:19 AM

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Comments (6)

gravatar Erica - September 20, 2003 - 1:52 AM -

I dig the pirate pic over there on the left.

gravatar Jez - September 20, 2003 - 10:19 AM -

My pirate name is:

Dirty Tom Kidd

I'm the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of me, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. Even though I'm not always the traditional swaggering gallant, my steadiness and planning make me a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

What's your pirate name?

gravatar srah - September 20, 2003 - 6:22 PM -

I'm Red Grace Kidd. We must be siblings.

gravatar Cheryl - September 22, 2003 - 2:52 PM -

I'd like to go out drinking with my parents.

gravatar srah - September 22, 2003 - 7:02 PM -

Would you like to go out drinking with my parents?

gravatar mommy - September 23, 2003 - 11:22 AM -

I didn't know you were coming. It is weird to go drinking with your children. I was drinking diet coke and eating dinner. You all just happened to be there too.

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