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Who wants to learn about brains?

I do. Well, sort of. I'm taking a class on primate brain evolution. I was beginning to like it and was actually understanding everything. I've learned most of this stuff so far before but the classes were all so general, it was in a minute and we just zoomed by. But now we actually learn. Until today. We had a guest lecturer who is good and who I like but who I didn't really understand today. She lectured for another of my classes last week and I was able to follow and I like what was going on. Today, though, she gave us a handout with all the terms and processes of embryology and brain formation in the embryo and told us it was all there and we didn't have to take notes, just listen. This never works for me, because I zone out unless I'm writing stuff down. Today it worked even less. She zoomed through it, I recognized much of the first 40 minutes of it and she didn't really follow the handout too closely. She went in order for the most part, but skipped over things or added things and it was all just very confusing. So eventually, as to ease my pain, I began to write. I wrote in French because another prof was right there and I didn't want to be obviously complaining about his collegue. And there were so many awful awful tenses in there - conditional, subjective, not passe compose but the other one which I can't remember the name of, et cetera et cetera et cetera. So eventually I wrote - and, mind you, no one is going to read this but me anyway - "Too many tenses. I'm writing in the present". The rest continued on about how, at least I was saving trees by not taking notes. (By the way, what's the word for lecture again?) It was the worst.

cheryl - Wednesday, 10 September 2003 - 11:59 AM

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