That'll be forty lashes with the cat o' nine tails. Arrr.

I bought this mascara because I saw it on a commercial and I hate curling my eyelashes when I put on mascara. Never mind the fact that I never wear mascara. I had to have it. It visibly lengthens lashes up to 30%! It sets lashes to a daring 30 degree curve!

Well, now I have it. It works very nicely. It doesn't look too clumpy or gross and it curls my eyelashes all by itself, just like it said. Srah's problem, however, is the 30% lengthening. I have already had problems in the past with my eyelashes hitting my glasses lenses. Now I feel like I have to warn people before I walk into a room that their lives are in peril.


Why don't they have that in the commercials? I'm not sure if it would deter people or encourage them.

srah - Tuesday, 2 September 2003 - 12:26 PM
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Comments (4)

gravatar katie - September 2, 2003 - 1:11 PM -

This is a funny post.

Does that stuff really work? I bought an eyelash curler just because I wanted to see if curled lashes were different from regular lashes. I couldn't figure out how to work the thing, even with instructions.

So, are you going to have pink eyes and lips like the chick at the link there?

gravatar richard - September 2, 2003 - 1:49 PM -

Your eyelashes were on time,
but you were 5 minutes late!!

gravatar Jez - September 2, 2003 - 1:58 PM -

I just fell over one of your eyelashes, and I'm 3971 miles away from you.

gravatar Cheryl - September 2, 2003 - 2:13 PM -

You guys are funny :).

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