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The eyes have it

11 March 2005: srah develops an addiction to under-eye concealer 10 March 2008: srah buys some kind of lotions and potions at the store in an effort to combat under-eye dark circles and puffiness. Is there something about this time of year that causes me to suddenly evaluate the state of my eyes? Maybe it's because the sun's finally starting to come out, so there's enough light to see my huge puffy dark circles with. Maybe it's because spring is coming and I am preparing myself cosmetically to emerge, beautiful and butterfly-like, from my wintry cocoon. Maybe it's because stupid...

srah - Tuesday, 11 March 2008 - 6:17 PM
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Kind Captain, I've important information

I have been tagged, so I bring you: 7 Random And/Or Weird Facts About srah When I was in elementary school, our music teacher, Mr McDonald (who had an imaginary friend named "Boo-Boo McGillicuddy") was the one who introduced me to Oliver! (and therefore to my first fictional-character crush) and I have the impression that he had us sing an awful lot of Three Dog Night. I don't know if it was part of the district-mandated curriculum for elementary-level music classes, if it was in our music book, or if Mr McDonald was just a huge fan of Three Dog...

srah - Tuesday, 6 November 2007 - 12:16 PM
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The underlying psychological principles of my toiletries

My shampoo is specially made for brunettes, with a henna extract that is supposed to make your hair brighter, with coppery highlights. It claims that 80% de vrouwen* who use it see a difference in their hair color within something like a week. My under-eye concealer makes similar claims about the under-eye area being Visibly Firmer within X amount of time and that X number of users could see the difference. What I wonder is, does it actually make any difference at all? Neither of the companies make any claims about the difference that their product makes - just about...

srah - Thursday, 31 March 2005 - 10:19 AM
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In case you wondered why I look so chipper this week...

I'd like to think that I'm immune to the stuff. It's closer to the truth to say I can't get enough. I think I might as well face it, I'm addicted to under-eye concealer....

srah - Friday, 11 March 2005 - 6:22 PM

Coming to terms with girliness

When I paint my fingernails, my life changes. Suddenly I am very aware of everything that I touch. Am I putting my nail polish in danger? Am I putting the objects I touch in danger of a scrape from my strong, powerful nails? Whose hands are these, anyway? I don't know if it makes me feel more girly, but it makes me more aware of my sense of touch and perhaps a little daintier in my manner of touching things. Never mind; they're pink. I am girly. I struggled for years against girliness, but now I'm always wearing pink and...

srah - Sunday, 16 January 2005 - 12:41 PM
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Fancied up and steppin' out

As I'd stayed up past 3am the night before, chatting with Wadsworth and Colonel Mus-tard, I was delighted that I actually managed to sleep in on Saturday. I didn't wake up until 11 or so, and had no real plans for the day, other than a graduation party for a co-worker in the afternoon. Some time around noon, Robin called and said that she and her sister were going to get makeovers at the mall and that they had an extra spot so I was coming along. I hemmed and hawed but couldn't find a good reason not to do...

srah - Sunday, 2 May 2004 - 2:08 PM

Minor freakout in my brain

The Urstodian peer-pressured me into painting my nails this weekend. When I paint my fingernails, I feel like a completely different person. Today, for example, I feel like a drag queen. Who picked this weird, garish silvery polish? Why is it so bright and attention-getting? Please don't look at my hands! Why are my thumbnails so huge, compared to my other, daintier fingers? I am a mutant!...

srah - Monday, 22 March 2004 - 5:56 PM

That'll be forty lashes with the cat o' nine tails. Arrr.

I bought this mascara because I saw it on a commercial and I hate curling my eyelashes when I put on mascara. Never mind the fact that I never wear mascara. I had to have it. It visibly lengthens lashes up to 30%! It sets lashes to a daring 30 degree curve! Well, now I have it. It works very nicely. It doesn't look too clumpy or gross and it curls my eyelashes all by itself, just like it said. Srah's problem, however, is the 30% lengthening. I have already had problems in the past with my eyelashes hitting my...

srah - Tuesday, 2 September 2003 - 12:26 PM
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