Do I hafta compare thee to a summer's day?

Relati you eyes of the warning, to a relative swimming of the hats! The spiders a round circle three times and you close your eyes with the fear of Santo, because she projected inside in hath of miell�e and drank latte one of the paradieses.

This is Lost in Translation's version of the last few lines of Kubla Khan. Somehow I love it almost as much as the original.

Of course, you may prefer other poems:

And then my heart with sufficienza of the pleasure and the dances with jonquils. (Wordsworth)
The hour of stars is not desired: it extinguishes everything; The sun sprints alongside advanced of the moon and diminuali; The posteriora part separated distant part to the ocean and scopili he alongside advanced from the wood; For anything it barks of the hour never to come to each one good the possible one. (Auden)
The HOPE is the thing with feathers/springs, this one never sings the complete trees of the activator of the exit in the heart and with air without words and recognitions (Dickinson)
I must compare thee with the day of a summer? Art of thousand more of the pretty and more moderate way: Beloveds of buds of the May dairyman the drilling rig and hath approached the rent to him of the short date of ingualmente totally of the summer (Shakespeare)
A time the midnight of dulled the excess, when Lagoa-lagoa-Eu if to communicate, weak and implied you chevi disowned, exceeding dispendio vielem he and a car of the excess foreign is forgotten, - during the I, who the head, almost napping, he bends without the recognition, in the date of a RAP, RAP with my lobby of the approximately easy blowings of the zone it came. (Poe)

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