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Tengo problemas con la sangria por que es muy deliciosa. I went to Dominick's for the first time tonight (I only found out where it is this week) and they kept refilling my jar-glass. Then I stumbled around Ann Arbor a lot and laughed more than was necessary. Going to bed with smash's Burn It CD now. Night night.

srah - Friday, 8 August 2003 - 11:15 PM

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gravatar Jez - August 9, 2003 - 11:35 AM -

I had a sangria evening last weekend. That stuff is far too easy to drink. The whole day after was spent groaning and holding my head for fear that it might fall off. Sobriety and abstinance are my watchwords this weekend.

gravatar Erica - August 9, 2003 - 12:40 PM -

You only *just* went to Dominick's for the first time?!


I love Dominick's.

gravatar srah - August 9, 2003 - 12:49 PM -

I thought that would catch your attention. I was excited to go because I'd heard about it from you.

I've only been 21+ for two years, and one of those was spent in Albion and the other in France.

It's very loud there, but the pizza was lovely. Not to mention the sangria. Heh.

gravatar Erica - August 9, 2003 - 1:48 PM -

Okay, then, in that case I will forgive you. If you're gonna go some more, go now before the kiddies come back and classes start.

Mmmmm... sangria... :9

gravatar jday - August 11, 2003 - 10:12 AM -

Dominick's? Where is that? *What* is that?

gravatar srah - August 11, 2003 - 10:55 AM -

It's an enormous bar/hangout hidden between the Law School and the Business School.

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