Soaping up the weiner

Last night, I got a frantic call from Robin. She was at the car wash, and I had to come join her. What did I see when I got there?

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. At the car wash. This is one of the times when I realize I need a digital camera.

srah - Friday, 27 June 2003 - 11:59 AM

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Comments (4)

gravatar Erica - June 27, 2003 - 2:49 PM -

Was it getting washed? Or was it just sitting there?

gravatar srah - June 27, 2003 - 2:51 PM -

Being washed. It was to make an appearance at Busch's on Main Street this morning.

gravatar katie - June 27, 2003 - 4:56 PM -

You know, I find the title of your post to be just as funny on its own as the post itself. :)

gravatar srah - June 27, 2003 - 4:59 PM -

Thanks. It's nice to be noticed.

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