As if I haven't quoted enough songs lately

I hadn't missed speaking French as much as I thought I would. I hadn't had a nervous breakdown and taken to wearing a tinfoil hat and muttering to myself in the corner. Then I listened to La pêche à la ligne on my headphones.

... C'est à peine l'aurore/ Et je tombe du plume/ Mon amour dort encore/ Du sommeil de l'enclume/ Je la laisse à ses rêves/ Où je n' suis sûrement pas/ Marlon Brando l'enlève,/ Qu'est c' que je foutrais là ?/ Sur un cheval sauvage,/ Ils s'en vont ridicules/ Dehors y a un orage,/ Y sont mouillés c'est nul !...

I love that part. I wanted to play it for all of my friends here at home. 'Isn't it funny?' I would say to them, 'Listen to the lyrics. Can't you see it? Isn't that funny to imagine?' But no. It's not. Because no one I know knows Renaud, which is what makes him and the wild horse and the big romantic scene so funny. And even if they did know Renaud, they don't speak French so they can't understand the lyrics in the first place.

Vous me manquez...

srah - Wednesday, 21 May 2003 - 4:00 PM
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