What I learned on a trip to the mall

When they closed the United Artists cinema at the mall, I was not terribly upset because it was kind of skanky and I never went there anyway. It did, however, seem like a waste to have a big movie theatre there and nothing playing. I decided that if I suddenly became rich, I would buy the theatre and show old, foreign, and art-house movies there (with free parking!).

At some point while I was gone, someone did just that, freeing me up from investing in the potentially risky scheme of putting an art-house cinema in a place frequented by brainless 15-year-olds. It plays harder-to-find things, but some of the mainstream films as well. Alex and I are going to see the Chilean film Te Amo (Made in Chile) tonight, and L'Auberge espagnole comes out next week, so I will be moving in there then. I am happy to discover that someone has made Ann Arbor suck just a little bit less.

srah - Thursday, 22 May 2003 - 12:43 PM
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