Haiku Fever epidemic

Am bored out of my
mind in the train; will torture
myself with haiku.

I am afflicted,
when I visit assistants,
with Haiku Fever.

I don't know what langue
to speak with Christianna.
English? French? Flemish?

Why I like Belgium:
Multilingualism and
pommes frites and waffles.

I am sad to leave
Grenoble but it's Sophie's
turn to visit now.

Sometimes I wish that
I lived in an area
more geared t'words tourists.

Then people would be
sure to stop and visit when
they came to the States.

Other passengers
wonder why I keep counting
up to seventeen.

Haiku is too hard.
Not in the least relaxing.
I should learn to knit.

Will you be upset
if I don't bring you a gift?
I don't like to shop.

In elementary
school I hated haiku. Same
now; the "why" changed.

Then: because it was
too difficult. Now: because
it's an addiction.

En fait, a haiku
is supposed to be about
nature. Nature sucks!

srah - Sunday, 27 April 2003 - 10:55 AM
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