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St Gangs-of-Young-Boys Night in Vichy

For those of you who are not up-to-date on the latest in my life, I will sum it up in a brief resumé: Ralph Fiennes and I are going to get maaaaarried and have seventeen little Hispanic children named Ty.

After a crappy day at work, it was with great joy that I learned of the Printemps du Ciné. The PdC means that from March 16-18, movies in Vichy are only 3€. At 3€, one could go see any old trash, so we did. Coup de foudre à Manhattan is the kind of tripe I would be hard-pressed to pay full price for, but it was a very enjoyable giggle for 3€.

The movie stars Jennifer Lopez' ass as the ass of a New York femme de chambre (or camarera de piso, for those of us who are studying Spanish For the Restaurant/Hotel Industry) who falls in love with a rather despicable senator played by Ralph Fiennes, probably with a bad fake American (New York!) accent.

Fortunately in the dubbed version, he had no such monstrocity, so I was free to fall in love with him and try to devise ways to pull him off the screen and make him switch places with Renata so that he would be sitting next to me and Renata would have to make out with J-Lo. I am not usually a Ralph Fiennes maniac or anything, but he appealed to me tonight. Probably because I was in a bad mood and needed something to make me giggle and grin inanely. So I get Ralph and the cute kid, and I'll let the bootylicious Miss Lo keep Renata and do what she will with her. I highly recommend the cinematic masterpiece, but only on video with a gang of friends and perhaps vast amounts of alcohol. Nite nite!

srah - Monday, 17 March 2003 - 5:43 PM
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