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Out, damnèd spot!

Many of my photos this time around feature lovely lens-spots from rain and/or snow. Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, try to enjoy them despite it!

<-- For previous photos, check out the links in the sidebar.

Christmas Break
Alex by the Thames in Oxford the Radcliffe Camera Alex in the streets of Oxford Shakespeare's Globe Theatre very scary photo of Alex on the Millenium Bridge at night Alex in Vichy's first snow of the season

Vichy in the snow
snow-laden branches blocking the path from my front door

Yet more Valéry Larbaud
trying to be artsy-fartsy the teachers' lounge

Dîner des assistants
Stefan demonstrating his dual cultural nature by drinking both wine and beer at the same time Andrés, Christophe, Stefan, Rachel, and Jennifer at Presles Rachel, Jennifer, Johanna, Renata, and Andrés at Presles

Philippe, Matthieu, Aline, Angelique, Celine, and Thomas at dinner Matthieu, Thomas, Angelique, Philippe, Celine and Aline ready for a day of skiing Thomas, Celine, Aline, Philippe, Matthieu, Lucas, Laetitia, and Angelique ready to hit the slopes a skier who shall not be named, horizontal view from my walk view from my walk view from my walk view from Philippe's balcony me (yes, I was there too), Thomas, Celine, Angelique, Aline, Matthieu and Philippe

Puy de Pariou
me in thigh-deep snow the four vichyssoises on top of the puy de Pariou a wind-whipped, snow-covered bush Jennifer and Renata off in the distance limbo lower now!

Au châlet
Stefan looking happy with a St-Nectaire assistants chowing down vichyssoises knitting (and Stefan in PJs) the chalet lui-même Nelson pre-striptease

I shall take a break here and bring you February vacation photos in another post. G'day.

srah - Thursday, 13 March 2003 - 11:38 AM
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